New to Episcopal Worship?

The worship of the Episcopal Church expresses and shapes our faith, uniting us with God and one another, and connecting us with centuries of Christian belief and practice. For anyone paying a first visit, here are three things it might be helpful to know.

Worship is liturgical

Liturgy is a structured pattern of words and actions shaped by centuries of Christian life and worship, up to and including our own day. Every Sunday the words of the liturgy tells the story of God's love revealed in Jesus, using words and actions that invite us to become part of that story. 

Worship invites participation.

The congregation speaks in response to the words of worship leaders, and joining in the praises, prayers, an affirmations of our faith.  We stand when we  praise God, offer prayers, and hear the reading of the Gospel.  Midway through the service we exchange greetings with one another, wishing each other

"The Peace of the Lord."  

(Be prepared:  people at St. Margaret's pass the Peace with great energy and enthusiasm!)


Eucharist is at the heart of  worship

  Eucharist is receiving the sacrament of Christ's body and blood in the bread and wine of communion.  'Eucharist' is from the Greek word for thanksgiving.   Our Sunday liturgy of praise, preaching, and prayers is a service of thanksgiving in preparation for the moment when we experience the presence of Christ as we receive the bread and wine.  Anyone acknowledging Jesus as Lord is invited to receive communion.

From Christ's table we go out into the world as people forgiven, healed and renewed, rejoicing in the power of the Spirit.