Loving God

Jesus said there is no greater commandment than this: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.   The love the Bible speaks of is not just feeling, it is action.  We love God by worshiping, praying, studying scripture.   We love God in the beauty of creation, in the joys of human fellowship, and in acts of service to one another and to our neighbors.  Jesus tells us that whoever has seen him has seen God.  His life shows us the nature of God in human form.  Loving God means following the way of Jesus, walking in love as he loved us and gave himself for us. 

Loving our Neighbor

The Bible teaches that God is love.

We believe God is present whenever and wherever people act in generous, self-giving love. The life of Jesus, the laws of Moses and the preaching of the Old Testament prophets all make a priority of acting in love toward those around us who are most in need, most powerless, and most often overlooked. We at St. Margaret's seek to love our neighbor by welcoming any and all who come through our doors, and by going out into the community to give our time, money, energy and resources to address the needs we see.

Faith Seeking Understanding

Our faith is a way of life formed by Scripture, Tradition, and Reason.  Like a 3-legged stool, each bears equal weight to stand firm.  In the Bible, we find the inspired word of God.  We read it in the context of a tradition shaped by 2000 years of Christian experience--praying, thinking, seeking to follow the way of Jesus.  God's gift of reason helps us to understand, interpret, and apply the lessons of scripture and tradition to our own lives.  Together in community we search, question, and pray to discover God's will for our lives.